Statement by Leonard Rowe

Do American Citizens Have
Constitutional Rights Anymore?

I, Leonard Rowe write this piece in hope of conveying to all American citizens the importance of standing up against anyone including our federal government when they choose to flout the law and violate your constitutional and civil rights.

Leonard Rowe

On April 9, 2014 I awakened as I do every morning at 6 o'clock a.m. to make coffee. At approximately 6:15 a.m., a loud bang occurred at my front door. Due to it still being dark, I could not see who or what was outside. Having nothing on but my undershorts and considering that I lived in a gated and very safe neighborhood, I made the decision to open the door. When I did so, there stood 20-25 U.S. Marshals, along with half a dozen city policemen standing all around my door and on my lawn with high powered assault weapons drawn and pointed at me.

They presented no warrant or indictment. They pulled me out of my home, undressed for all of my neighbors to see, and put my hands and legs in chains. By this time, my wife and daughter had awakened. Guns were also pointed at them with loud vocal demands for them to come out with their hands up, while also dressed in their underclothes. The U.S. Marshals then proceeded to enter my home.

In total disregard of the fourth amendment of the constitution, which clearly states "to remove a person or any item from their home you must first present a warrant," I was arrested without a warrant, kidnapped from my home and then thrown in jail where I remained for almost four months without a bond. Remember, this was all being done without a search warrant, without an arrest warrant, and without being indicted for committing any crime. I had not broken any laws. It was perfectly clear that the constitutional and civil rights of myself, as well as my family, were being grossly violated.

This entirely illegal act was implemented and orchestrated by corrupt officers of the court in New York's Southern District where these corrupt individuals had conspired to defraud myself and others out of our civil rights and anti-trust case by engaging in the theft and concealment of crucial smoking gun evidence that was paid for solely by me, which proved our claims against the Defendants in our case.

My own attorney Mr. Willie Gary from the Willie Gary Law Firm of Stuart, Florida, and co-counsel Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP (now know as Dentons LLP) conspired with the Defendants, The William Morris Agency and their law firm, Loeb & Loeb LLP, cutting a secretive side deal to conceal this crucial evidence from their own clients and the court for the sole purpose of enriching themselves.

After my good faith attempts to have this manifest injustice corrected by the federal court proved unsuccessful, I did what every American citizen has a legal right to do. I placed commercial liens against the various attorneys and law firms responsible for the theft and concealment of my property. This is perfectly legal for anyone to do, however, I was thrown in jail despite the fact that my former attorneys never denied having my property.

Words cannot explain the horror, terror and devastation that my family and I endured during this illegal ordeal. What happened to me and my family should not be allowed or permitted to happen to any American citizen. The constitution was written to protect all Americans from this type of illegal behavior and American Citizens everywhere should stand up against this type of illegal aggression by corrupt individuals within our justice system. One must always be mindful of history: Many a dictator have used warrantless intrusion, arrest and imprisonment to eliminate political opposition and challenge. Are we going to allow those who engage in these same despicable acts to prevail and go unpunished here in America? I certainly hope not. Please stand with me America, so you and your family will not have to experience the nightmare that me and my family have had to endure.

I Thank you,
Leonard Rowe

The following is an excerpt from Chapter II of "What Really Happened to Michael Jackson The King of Pop: The Evil Side of the Entertainment Industry" by Leonard Rowe, published in November 2010.

There were two sets of rules — one set of rules for white concert promoters and one set of rules for us, the black concert promoters. From the time I came into this business in 1975, I immediately saw something sinister. Black concert promoters couldn't promote white artists, but white concert promoters could promote any artist, black or white. This policy was in effect then, and believe it or not, even with a Black President in The White House it is still in effect now...

Most people don't realize that the concert promotion industry remains one of the few long-standing segregated industries in our nation. Unlike other industries where the various parts of that industry form a well-integrated structure, the booking agency industry does not. This is the only industry where "the Jim Crow law" still exists.

Read Chapter II, Double Standards in the Industry, pages 17-28