$500,000,000 Commercial Lien File Against
the Gary Law Firm

$500,000,000 Commercial Lien filed against the Gary Law Firm

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1/7/14 Affidavit of Leonard Rowe in support of $500,000,000 Commercial Lien against the law firm of Gary, Williams, Parenti, Watson and Gary for fraud and conspiracy

This commercial lien and affidavit was filed against Gary, Williams, Parenti, Watson, and Gary and their co-conspirators for the illegal possession, theft and concealment of property that rightfully belongs to me, the affiant, Leonard Rowe, as well as for fraud and conspiracy. This property, for which I paid the entire cost to obtain ($200,000.00), consists of the hundreds of emails that contain the usage of the despicable word "nigger" AND OTHER DEROGATORY TERMS which were extracted from the email files of executives at The William Morris Agency and Creative Artists Agency — Defendants in a seven hundred and fifty million dollar ($750,000,000.00) antitrust AND human rights case...

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1/21/14 Notice of default on $500,000,000 Commercial Lien

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