42 Women
Willie Gary / Ford Motor Company / Visteon

42 women at Ford Motor Company and Visteon Corporation who had sued Ford and Visteon for gender discrimination realized they had been swindled by Willie Gary and his law firm. So they went after Gary, his colleagues and his law firm.

According to the website JusticeB4Greed.com:

Defendant Willie E. Gary settled a legal malpractice lawsuit with 42 women who claimed that Gary stole $51.5 million in a gender bias claim they had against Ford Motor Company and Visteon Corporation. Lead plaintiff, Patricia Hansen, reveals that evidence filed under seal (2, 3 and 4) in this case names Coke and other corporations in which Gary and co-conspirators stole millions from his clients.

The original legal malpractice lawsuit that 42 women plaintiffs eventually filed against attorneys Willie Gary, Tricia Hoffler, Robert Parenti, Sekou Gary and Gary's law firm, is Civil Action No. 03-CV-73350. It was filed in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan Southern Division on September 3, 2003.

Among the many charges in the Third Amended Complaint that Gary and others in his law firm ostensibly could not defend against, are described under the headings: (1) Legal Malpractice (2) Conversion (3) Breach Of Fiduciary Duty (4) Contract In Contravention Of Public Policy (5) Fraud and (6) Statutory Conversion.

One only needs to read the 28 - page Third Amended Complaint posted on the menu to the right to understand the magnitude of the crimes Gary, his law firm and attorneys Tricia Hoffler, Robert Parenti and Sekou Gary were charged with in this one case. Unfortunately Gary and his firm, as is evidenced throughout TheClientKiller.org website, have repeated this corrupt behavior time and again against other unsuspecting clients.

Charges in the complaint against the Gary scam team include:

  • failing to properly represent his clients
  • reckless disregard of his clients' rights
  • entering into impermissible conflict of interest relationships with defendant companies
  • making secret side deals with defendants behind his client's back to enrich himself
  • complete lack of disclosure of critical information from his clients
  • failing to notify his clients promptly of all settlement offers
  • embezzling his clients' funds
  • stealing his clients' portion of the settlement
  • charging his clients' excessive fees
  • other actions of malicious, willful and wanton misconduct towards his clients

After the magistrate judge granted the plaintiff's motion to compel discovery on February 17, 2005, the parties entered into a settlement agreement in July 2005 and the case was dismissed in August 2005.

Although the terms of the settlement remain confidential, the payouts were obviously substantial. Due to plaintiffs' disagreement over allocations of the settlement, an arbitration award set forth each of the plaintiffs' percentage share of the settlement, but not the dollar amount.

On the Witness List posted on the menu to the right, note the name of attorney Weldon Latham, formerly a partner in the law firm Holland & Knight. Latham was a National Co-Chair along with Willie Gary for Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign 2008. Presently Mr. Latham is a Shareholder and Senior Partner in the Washington, D.C. office of Jackson Lewis P.C. Mr. Latham's name is prominently associated with Gary Law Firm cases involving The Coca-Cola Company, General Motors and Ford/Visteon.