Judge's Order Granting Sanctions Against Gary and His Law Firm & Denying Sanctions Against Plaintiffs

This revealing document describes corrupt behavior by defendants Willie Gary,  Tricia Hoffler, Robert Parenti, Sekou Gary, and Gary, Williams, Parenti, Finney, Lewis, McManus, Watson, & Sperando, P C. The Michigan based law firm, Rundell & Nolan, worked with The Gary Law Firm on the Ford/Visteon case In 2002, Debra Nolan joined The Gary Law Firm where she is an associate attorney.  Included in the Judge's Order is this shocking statement:

Neither Defendants nor Plaintiffs settlement agreements advised Plaintiffs of the $51.5 million payment to Defendants. Moreover, upon inadvertently discovering the spreadsheet, Plaintiff Harsen immediately informed Curt Rundell, who stated that, if Company A, Company B, or Willie Gary knew that Harsen had "their case[-]closed files, with all that information, ...[Harsen] could find [her]self in a body bag." After Harsen's husband asked Rundell what the $51.5 million was for upon handing Rundell the spreadsheet the following day, Rundell replied that "the $51.5 million was money Willie [Gary] was to receive from ...[Company B] for programs." When questions whether this was legal, Rundell stated that Willie [Gary] is doing things that no other attorney has thought of doing and[,] believe me, he has himself covered." (page 26-27 of the Order)

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