Victimized by Four Sleazy Attorneys:
The Luisa Esposito Story

Willie E. Gary
The Law Offices of Gary, Williams, Parenti & Watson, P.L.L.C., Stuart, FL

"Fired For Cause": Willie Gary, Christopher Chestnut & Andrew Maloney

After months of investigation, we believe that plaintiff Luisa Esposito has been defrauded outright, or is the victim of outrageously sloppy work and legal malpractice, by the legal team of Willie Gary, Christopher Chestnut and Andrew Maloney while "representing" her in a sexual assault case against prominent New York attorney Allen H. Isaac and his law firm (Esposito, Luisa C. v. Isaac, Allen H. et al 570037/10).

Time and again, even when it seemed they were guilty of legal malpractice, or worse, outright fraud, plaintiff Luisa Esposito gave the three attorneys the benefit of the doubt. Finally, on December 26, 2015, Ms. Esposito sent a letter informing Willie Gary, Christopher Chestnut and Andrew Maloney, that they were all being "fired for CAUSE for numerous reasons." Those reasons include:

1. Falsely informing her just before a Mediation Settlement Conference that primary defendant Allen Isaac had been dismissed from her case, when, in fact, "three higher courts ruled that Allen Isaac still remained in the case."

2. Filing a "poorly written opposition on the eve of the due date" to the defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment to dismiss her case in its totality and used case law that Ms. Esposito provided because her legal team wasn't prepared.

3. Giving defendants a copy of a confidential video produced by Gary's firm, documenting her case and revealing plaintiff team's strategy, without her consent.

4. Failing to respond to her pleas to file a timely motion to reconsider a judge's ruling to dismiss her case.

Ms. Esposito, who has engaged another attorney to appeal her case and attain justice, has nothing good to say about "The Willie Gary Team."

Victimized by Four Sleazy Attorneys

While representing Luisa Esposito in an auto accident case in 2005, Allen Isaac, senior partner in the Wall Street law firm Gladstein & Isaac, during two meetings in his office, sexually molested her by grabbing her breast inside her bra and her buttocks. Following the assaults, Ms. Esposito describes a campaign of harassment during which Mr. Isaac telephoned her, asked her to compile a list of sex acts that she could no longer perform as a result of the accident, demanded details of her personal life, requested that she send him provocative photos, demanded that she try on clothing in front of him and cajoled her to repeatedly perform oral sex on him as partial payment for handling her case. This is not the first time Mr. Isaac has committed sexual misconduct at his workplace.

Ms. Esposito, frustrated with the lack of response after reporting the criminal actions of Mr. Isaac to various law enforcement agencies, filed state and federal lawsuits against him, his law firm and the State of New York, et al. It became painfully clear that Mr. Isaac was well connected politically and flouted that he was above the law. He has never been arrested.

Eight years after her ordeal began, a frustrated, but determined Ms. Esposito, at the suggestion of another lawyer, contacted New York attorney Andrew G. Maloney who in 2013 suggested bringing Willie Gary, whom he had known for twenty-two years, into the fray. In August 2013, Ms. Esposito retained Willie Gary, Christopher Chestnut, Andrew Maloney and the Maloney Law Group as attorneys to represent her in her claims against Allen Isaac, individually and Gladstein & Isaac, LLP. Despite Gary and his colleagues bravado and promises, Ms. Esposito was continually lied to and deceived and soon found herself in a nightmarish situation.

Hiring Willie Gary: A BIG Mistake!

When Willie Gary realized the "smoking gun" evidence in her case against Allen H. Isaac, he insisted that they make a video and hold a press conference to bring her case to the public's attention. Mr. Isaac, he knew, was politically connected to many highly influential legislators and appointed judges. Combine this with the fact that "the great Willie Gary" was on the case would guarantee widespread news coverage that would help put pressure on Isaac and his law firm and speed up a settlement. After the video was made which included testimonials from witnesses, Gary had a change of heart and never held a press conference or made the video public, but did give a copy of the video to the defendants.

As time passed, Ms. Esposito and others sensed something fishy was going on. Willie Gary, it seemed, was trying to protect defendant Isaac and his law firm and had concocted and led a conspiracy involving his minions Christopher Chestnut and Andrew Maloney to sabotage her cases, get them dismissed and let Isaac and his law firm off the hook. Research into Chestnut and Maloney, and their and Gary's behavior on her case, raised serious questions about their integrity.

Over the summer months and continuing into the Fall of 2015, Ms. Esposito had become flabbergasted as she came to the realization that Gary was trying to completely derail and bury her cases. Whether it's not returning her phone calls or answering her emails, or conjuring up all kinds of stories and excuses for a long string of incidents in mishandling her cases, or fabricating meetings which are suddenly and endlessly postponed, or involving her in staged mediation meetings, or refusing to actually demand or prepare for a jury trial, the actions and inactions of Gary seem clearly to make a strong case to charge the Gary led team with legal malpractice and outright fraud.

Corporate Campaign has closely monitored Ms. Esposito's case since October 2014 when persons close to her suggested she view our website,, and contact us. We learned of suspicious activity in the handling of her case which strongly suggested to us that she was another victim of the Willie Gary scam to enrich himself at the expense of his clients and securing justice.

On September 21, October 8 and October 14, 2015 Corporate Campaign Director Ray Rogers attended three sessions in New York County Civil Court. He, along with other observers interested in Ms. Esposito's legal saga and the apparent corruption surrounding it, became further convinced that she has been defrauded and the fraudulent activity involves her three attorneys.

Whenever Ms. Esposito attended a hearing or conference before any judge hearing her case, there was never a court stenographer present. At a hearing before a judge on October 15th involving Mr. Maloney and two attorneys representing defendants, Ms. Esposito requested a stenographer. Maloney, as usual, handled himself in a manner that screams for his disbarment. It is only Ms. Esposito's dogged determination that has kept her case and quest for justice from being completely derailed.

Allen Isaac
Partner, Gladstein & Isaac, New York City

Allen H. Isaac, Esq.

Sexual predator Allen Isaac believes he's too powerful and politically connected to be held accountable for his repeated criminal acts and immoral behavior that violates all Rules of Professional Conduct. He boasted to Ms. Esposito that he was able to influence Appellate Division Judges. Despite providing incontrovertible evidence and witnesses to state and federal authorities, Ms. Esposito was told that favors were called in to sweep everything under the rug and thus nothing could be done.

The Disciplinary Committee for the 1st Judicial Department found Isaac guilty on several counts of misconduct. The Referee, who conducted the disciplinary investigation, recommended that Isaac receive a two-year suspension of his law license while a panel called for Isaac's license to be suspended for five years. He received a six month suspension of his law license and continues to practice law!

Christopher M. Chestnut
CEO, The Chestnut Firm, Atlanta, GA

Christopher M. Chestnut, Esq.

On February 18, 2015, the Gainesville Sun reported that Emanuel Baker, who became a quadriplegic in a work accident, sued his attorney Christopher Chestnut who grossly overcharged him. Chestnut had to return $3 million of $3.6 million he claimed. The jury found Chestnut " committed civil theft, breached his fiduciary duty as a lawyer, and exploited his disabled client." The verdict was final and Mr. Baker got the money due him. Mr. Chestnut in his effort to defraud Mr. Baker, was represented by his mentor and colleague Willie Gary.

The suit accused The Chestnut Firm "of charging excessive attorney expenses, including a chartered jet and overnight stays at the Four Seasons Hotel..." Gary, in his motion to dismiss the lawsuit against Chestnut, used as one of the reasons to legitimize Chestnut's excessive fee and expenses that Chestnut "was able to engage as co-counsel one of the state's most experienced and seasoned attorneys [i.e. Willie Gary]" (Florida Times Union8/16/13).

WFTV.com9 reported (5/25/15) that Chestnut, representing the family of deceased Florida A&M University hazing victim Robert Champion, is facing a serious complaint by the Florida Bar Association...Chestnut is accused of lying to the court, having runners solicit grieving victims at funerals and charging excessive fees...Chestnut's website boasts that his is a multimillion-dollar law firm that represents clients around the United States..." The Gainesville Sun reported (9/25/15) that Chestnut , in a consent judgement, pleaded guilty to a violation of Florida Bar rules but allegations from several cases including "making false statements in court, charging excessive fees and improperly soliciting clients" were dropped. Chestnut pled guilty to a count of failing to inform a client of the status of a wrongful death claim."Discipline called for in the agreement includes a public reprimand by the Florida Supreme Court."

Dallas attorney Tom Carse on August 23, 2016, sued Christopher Chestnut and a Dallas city councilwoman for an unconscionable act of barratry (ambulance chasing) on behalf of plaintiff Matisha Ward whose mother was killed by a pack of dogs on May 2, 2016.

The Florida Times Union (9/6/16) reported in, "Florida Bar seeks 'emergency suspension' of Jacksonville lawyer's license" by Dan Scanlan, that a 12-page petition asks the Florida Supreme Court to ban Christopher Chestnut from practicing law in Florida based on facts that show he “appears to be causing great public harm” in a number of cases and "immediate action must be taken for the protection of respondent’s [Chestnut's] clients and the public.”

The petition further states that Chestnut has been the subject of nine bar disciplinary matters, some claiming “lack of competence, candor, diligence, and communication, solicitation, dishonesty, and excessive fee"..."The petition also demands Chestnut accept no new clients and cease representing any 30 days after the Supreme Court responds to the petition. Chestnut must also cease acting as personal representative for any estate, guardian for any ward or trustee for any trust within 30 days of the court’s order and must turn over complete financial records of those to a successor..."

The Gainesville Sun (3/29/18) reported in "Court orders attorney Chestnut's arrest" by Andrew Caplan that, "A Florida judge is calling for the arrest of attorney Christopher Chestnut for failing to comply with a court order to provide documents...Martin County court records show Chestnut was found in contempt of court in January and ordered to fork over a list of all his cases, verdicts, clients and banking information within 10 days of being served..

'The Court orders that the Sheriff take the Defendant Christopher Chestnut into custody, if found in the State of Florida,' the document states...

He has had at least six of his known bank accounts garnished, records show, including about $63,000 from Wells Fargo accounts...

The Florida Bar also has three open cases against Chestnut in the Florida Supreme Court to suspend him from practicing law. At least two of the cases accuse him of soliciting services from grieving families at funeral homes in states where he isn't licensed. According to one complaint, Chestnut is only licensed to practice law in Florida..." reviews from clients of Mr. Chestnut and his law firm had this to say:

Beware of the Chestnut Firm

He sent a runner to my sisters funeral and approached my mom to represent her in a wrongful death action then let the statute of limitations run. We also found out that he wasn't even licensed to practice law in Georgia.




I would not recommend this law firm! Christopher M. Chestnut and his personnel don't return telephone calls, nor keep appointments even if they say that they will! To go to this law firm would be a big waste of your time!

He's never in the office and leaves it to be run by insensitive idiots

His firm is run by incompetent morons, The receptionist i don't remember her full name but it started with a K or a C but she's a complete waste of space. She never knew who i was always in a run and never spoke in a respectful tone. The case manager that was working on my case barely returned my messages and never sounded delightful. She sounded like she was half asleep or bored! Bored of my families pain! I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS LAW OFFICE TO ANYONE!

Andrew G. Maloney
Maloney Law Group LLC, New York City

Andrew G. Maloney, Esq.

In 2001, Andrew G. Maloney was served with a petition from the Grievance Committee For The Ninth Judicial District containing 75 charges of professional misconduct. On April 16, 2001, a decision by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Second Department stated:

"The respondent [Andrew G. Maloney] is guilty of serious professional misconduct that warrants his disbarment...

Ordered that pursuant to Judiciary Law § 90, effective immediately, Andrew G. Maloney is commanded to desist and refrain from (1) practicing law in any form, either as principal or as agent, clerk, or employee of another, (2) appearing as an attorney or counselor-at-law before any court, Judge, Justice, board, commission, or other public authority, (3) giving to another an opinion as to the law or its application or any advice in relation thereto, and (4) holding himself out in any way as an attorney and counselor-at-law."

After nearly eleven years of disbarment Andrew Maloney's motion for reinstatement to the bar as an attorney and counselor-at-law was granted on January 17, 2012.

Video of Luisa Esposito's Revealing Testimony at 6/8/09 New York Senate Judiciary Hearing (8:50)

This compelling testimony describes very explicitly attorney Allen Isaac's felonious sexual criminal acts and the systemic corruption evidenced in the New York State Ethics Committee and First Departmental Disciplinary Committee to cover-up and alter evidence that led to Ms. Esposito's indictment of Mr. Isaac.

Excerpt from Ms. Esposito's testimony:

"On or about July 8, 2005 and September 16, 2005, attorney Allen H. Isaac, while representing me on an auto accident case, sexually assaulted me by putting his hand inside my bra and grabbing my nipple and all. On September 16, Isaac locked me in his office and wanted me to try closing on in front of him. He used extortion and coercion to try to get me to fellate him and after hanging up on a phone call Isaac came from behind and grabbed both of my breasts. While leaving his office, he grabbed my buttocks. This was witnessed by two people. On October 7, 2005, I was wired by a private investigator and hence an approximate one hour forty-nine minute audio/video DVD tape was produced with Isaac admitting to his crimes. I reported these crimes along with irrefutable evidence and witnesses to the New York County District Attorney's Office Sex Crimes Unit, Manhattan's Special Victim's Unit, the New York State Attorney General's Office and other various investigatory agencies including the First Departmental Disciplinary Committee in hopes of a resolution towards justice but instead I was further victimized and treated as if I were the criminal. All of my pleas were either dismissed or ignored..."

Video/Audiotape of attorney Allen Isaac Propositioning Luisa Esposito (4:16)

This undercover video/audio catches attorney Isaac's despicable behavior on tape trying to coerce his client Ms. Esposito to perform sexual favors in exchange for his legal representation.

Allen H. Isaac parody of law advertisement (1:15)

It's serious, risque, hilarious and certainly makes a point.

Caught on Tape Fox 5 News & CBS 2 News Segments (8:07)

The six minute in depth CBS 2 News segment follows the two minute Fox 5 News segment. Both segments report that Senior Partner Isaac has been booted out of the Wall Street law firm, Gladstein & Isaacs, he helped found.