Is Gary et al Lying About Not Telling Clients To Confiscate Internal, Confidential Company Documents?

On numerous occasion Willie Gary and others on his legal team have claimed that they never told, or even suggested, that plaintiff clients confiscate internal company documents that would help them in their racial discrimination cases against The Coca-Cola Company. Former Gary clients including Marietta Goodman and Sharron Mangum have contradicted those claims as outright lies.

One such internal document was dubbed the "Ware Report" which was very damaging to Coca-Cola. The following are excerpts from a transcript of a conference call involving attorney F. Shields McManus of Gary, Williams, Parenti, Finney, Lewis, Mcmanus, Watson & Sperando (1993-2007) discussing confiscation of the Ware Report. Since 2007, McManus has been a judge in the 19th Judicial Circuit Court in Florida.

Transcript of Conference Call with F. Shields McManus
Saturday, March 23, 2002, Noon

Participants: F. Shields McManus, Greg Clark, Dana Allen, Marietta Goodman, Angela
Graham, Bonita Thomas, Doleatha Waldon, Freeston Warner, Jacqueline Everson,
Sharron Mangum, Wanda Starks, Alan Garber and Tinlyn Graham

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807 SHIELDS MCMANUS: It all depends on how, on how when the
808 Magistrate Judge E. Clayton Scofield rules on the pending
809 motions. The number one pending motion is a motion by Coca-Cola
810 to deny ah a use of what's call pattern and practice evidence.
811 That was briefed months ago and the we're just waiting for the
812 judge to rule on it. Meanwhile, ah thanks to Tinlyn Graham I
813 think we got the Ware Report. Tinlyn are you there?

814 Tinlyn: Yea.

815 SHIELDS MCMANUS: Ah, among the documents. You know we've been
816 requesting all of you to send documents and if you have any
817 other documents you haven't sent us even if you think they're
818 insignificant, we need to look at 'em and if they're too
819 voluminous to have you send them then we need to come visit with
820 you anyway. But, ahh, that's what we've been doing recently on
821 all your cases. And, Tinlyn, among the documents she had, was a
822 report to Douglas Ivester updated Carl Ware and several other
823 persons ... ahh all... African Americans, ahh he would probably
824 know, but that I think is what they talk about when they say the
825 "Ware Report," because it talks about problems with the diversity
826 program not being pushed and, and in fact there is a lot of, of
827 inequality and, and discrimination going on at Coke. And, we
828 just served a copy of that in all your cases on Coca-Cola along
829 with ah a list of questions about fifty questions to them about
830 it so that is kind of behind the scenes that Greg alluded to

Transcript of Conference Call with F. Shields McManus
Saturday, March 23, 2002, Noon

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831 that we're doing. Also by the way while I'm thinking of it you
832 have all been sent letters recently within the last few days
833 about your next demands to Coca-Cola after discussing each of
834 you individually with us with C.K. as to what your desires were.
835 You need to turn those around and get them back to us right away
836 so we can proceed with that because we want to try and hit 'em
837 with two directions here the demand letter at the same time this
838 publicity is coming out.