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Legal Malpractice Lawsuit Seeks $100 Million in Damages Against Willie E. Gary and His Law Firm

Gary vies with California attorney Thomas Girardi for title of America's most corrupt and heartless attorney!

In civil complaint (Case 1:20-cv-05283-TCB) filed December 30, 2020 in U. S. District Court For The Northern District Of Georgia Atlanta Division, plaintiff Ernestine Elliott charges Stuart, Florida law firm Gary, Williams, Parenti, Watson And Gary, P.L.L.C. and attorneys Willie E. Gary, Chanthina B. Abney and LeRonnie Mason with legal malpractice, fraud, conversion, civil theft, and bad faith to recover compensatory and punitive damages arising from defendants' representation of her in wrongful death claims related to a March 10, 2014 multi-vehicle accident in Cobb County, Georgia in which Mrs. Elliott's daughter, Katrina M. Cook, was killed.

"Willie Gary and his law firm's reprehensible conduct in Mrs. Elliott's case ranks them at the top of the nation's most incompetent and corrupt members in the legal profession," commented Corporate Campaign, Inc. Director Ray Rogers who investigated the case.

In her civil complaint, Mrs. Elliott charges Willie Gary and his law firm with:

(i) Theft of her funds;

(ii) Commission of a felony crime, e.g. felony theft under Florida and Georgia law;

(iii) Failure to comply with trust accounting rules;

(iv) Legal malpractice, including allowing the statute of limitation and statute of repose to expire before commencing a lawsuit against the responsible parties;

(v) Repeated fraudulent misrepresentations regarding the status of her claims; and

(vi) Failure to communicate with her regarding the status of her claims.

On March 11, 2014, the day after Ms. Cook's death, Willie Gary, contacted Ms. Cook's mother, Ernestine Elliott, to aggressively solicit her to retain his law firm to bring wrongful death claims on behalf of her daughter's estate. On Saturday, March 15, 2014, Gary traveled to Georgia to meet personally with Mr. and Mrs. Elliott. He told them he had obtained billion-dollar verdicts in similar cases and that he could obtain such a recovery for Ms. Cook's estate if they retained him immediately. Mrs. Elliott believed Gary's representations and executed the retainer.

Although Ms. Cook's parents wanted to wait until after their daughter's funeral to discuss legal action, Gary insisted that they retain him immediately to "preserve critical evidence." However Gary and his firm took no action to gather accident photos or preserve the wrecked vehicles involved in the crash. As a result, critical evidence was lost.

Even worse, and what seems incomprehensible, but not so when you investigate the Gary firm's pattern and practice of missing deadlines and defrauding clients, Gary and his firm repeatedly lied to the Elliott family assuring them that the case was moving forward. He and his associates were doing this even though they completely threw her case under the bus, knowing she had no case because they never filed it within the statute of limitations and statute of repose.

"Willie Gary either colluded with the corporate defendants or their insurance companies for a handsome payoff," said Rogers, "or else showed complete disdain for their client Mrs. Elliott and her family's suffering."

To make matters worse," Rogers says, "Willie Gary sunk so low as to steal a substantial death benefit left to the grieving mother from her daughter's uninsured motorist policy."

In a letter to The Florida Bar, Mrs. Elliott stated, "I pray that justice is served and attorney Gary is disbarred and sent to prison. I believe he and his law firm are the scums of the earth. I have communicated with several past clients that he has defrauded and have further researched his deceitful, criminal behavior. I do not understand why Mr. Gary has not been imprisoned years ago, but time is running out for him."

In 2005 Gary and his firm got caught stealing more than $50 million dollars in settlement monies from 42 victims of gender discrimination in a case against Ford Motor Company and Visteon Corporation. A Michigan court determined that the Gary Firm may regularly engage in fraud against its clients. An expert report prepared for the plaintiffs by Yale Law Professor Lawrence Fox, one of the country's leading experts in legal ethics, explains: "This is the saddest example of lawyer misconduct I have directly encountered in years of practice. The defendants here, masquerading as champions of their clients and others they categorize as down-trodden or oppressed, in fact used their representation of their clients and these others they purported to represent, to advance their own financial interests, literally taking money out of the hands of their clients and systematically violating multiple duties these lawyers owed them. Their conduct not only injured their clients but also brought opprobrium on the entire profession."

Willie Gary's fraudulent activities and widespread legal malpractice are also spotlighted in a new book, The Great Callaway Putter Heist: A True Story of Corporate Greed and Corruption in the World of Golf authored by inventor and Golf Professional Clark Collins. "This is one book Mr. Gary's law firm will not be promoting because instead of portraying Mr. Gary as a "Giant Killer," he is justifiably portrayed as a crook and "Client Killer," noted publisher Ray Rogers.

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